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Toronto-based cinematographer, Steve Morrisson, has amassed an impressive portfolio of feature films, indie features, TV series, and made for TV movies over a three-decades-long career.


He has worked on many productions with award-winning cinematographers such as Roger Deakins, Guillermo Narvarro, Peter Suschitski, and counts as his mentors Jeremy Benning, David Moxness, and Mike McMurray. He has also established himself as both a first-rate camera operator and a highly-regarded chief lighting technician.


After serving as Director of Photography on over a dozen short films, he was soon offered feature-length projects such as A Desperate Road, directed by Cameron Patterson and produced by Avi Federgreen in Winnipeg, followed by Road of Iniquity, directed by Mark F. Ennis which was showcased at the Cine Las Americas film festival in Austin, Texas.


His life-long passion and extensive experience with the tools and techniques of lighting and lenses have earned him a reputation within the industry for greater efficiency, creativity, and flexibility to problem solve while adding big screen value to projects with tight schedules and even tighter budgets.


He was instrumental in creating one of the first LED Wall Studios in Canada in 2017 for William F White. His LED software knowledge together with a personal gaffer kit of high-quality lights and accessories has and will continue to ensure effective shooting and lighting for a myriad of scenarios from poor-man’s process to green and blue screen setups, or even creating virtual worlds.  


Above all, Steve’s mission is to make your shoot go smoothly while maintaining a calm, positive energy so everyone on your set — particularly the director and actors — can do their best work to make the project the best it can be.


Steve aims to foster a team environment where everyone's contributions are valued. His collaborative and inclusive approach ensures that each team member's strengths are utilized, elevating the project as a whole.

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Memberships & Affiliations

IATSE 667, IATSE 873, International Cinema Lighting Society 

Recent Training
Virtual Production Masterclass, Canadian Society of Cinematographers, July '23

Steve recently completed this masterclass, further honing his skills and understanding of new industry techniques. His ongoing commitment to learning ensures he's always equipped with the latest knowledge for every project.

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve on Season 1 of GOOD SAM, a CBS Network medical drama. Starting with prep, Steve became an invaluable asset and a huge voice in setting the show’s look. All of our sets were brand new builds, and as a studio show spending 75-90% of our time in the stages, our choices from the outset were of vital importance to how the show would run. 


We made an early decision to work primarily with built-in LED fixtures, and Steve spearheaded the approach and the aesthetic that ensued. As he and our 1st Director of Photography discussed and collaborated on the look, Steve was the one on the ground making sure things fell into place. 


Once in production, on multiple occasions Steve has been upgraded to the Director of Photography role. The first time was due to on set illness, happening less than half way through the day, on one of the show’s biggest days of the season. We were at a very expensive location shooting a Gala, and Steve took over in progress and with seamless precision. Steve maintained the look, helped shape a major sequence in the episode and season, and did his part to ensure we made the day. 


He’s now worked as a DP on multiple episodes of the show and with multiple directors, and they’ve all been very happy with the job he has done. I would absolutely work with Steve in a full time capacity as a Director of Photography, and he has my strong recommendation.


Chris Agoston 

Line Producer


I had the pleasure of working with director of photography Steve Morrisson numerous times and I’m thrilled to offer this letter of reference on his behalf.  Throughout the productions we did together he had proven to be a real creative talent, possessing an impressive understanding of character development, cinematic vision, overall storytelling, as well as leadership.


Steve is a true asset and partner for a director and a pleasure to work with. He is professional, intelligent and most importantly, passionate. I would recommend Steve without hesitation.


Cam Patterson
Writer/Director/Executive Producer

SoGo Productions, Inc.

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